Advertising and Communication for hotels, resorts and country houses
23 Unlimited is an advertising and communication agency for hotels. We have highly qualified professionals to jointly address solutions for web creation and development, online marketing strategies, photography and video of facades, interior rooms as well as gastronomy, graphic design and printing.

Design and printing for hotels, resorts and country houses

Effective graphic and corporate design for a clear visual communication. Digital printing and Offset services: cards, letters, menus, vinyl and decorative posters, brochures, diptychs, postcards, etc.

Photography and videos of architecture and interior design

We specialize in the making of photography and videos of architecture and interior design. We work with special tilt-shift optics to create technically perfect images of facades and interiors.

Creation of websites for hotels

The search and selection of hotels by customers is done online. An attractive, functional website is an essential tool for any hotel. We design and develop attractive, safe, modern and dynamic websites with responsive or adaptive technology, a web design technique that seeks the correct visualization of the same page on different devices (computers, tablets, mobile).

Image Google 360º for Hotels

Position your hotel in Google with a 360º virtual tour. Integration in the Google my Business profile resulting in high visibility on the search Engine, both in Google and Google Maps, with your company data and location on the map using the geo positioning icon. You can also integrate these virtual visits on the corporate website and social networks.

SEO and SEM positioning in hotels

To ensure a greater impact and diffusion of your hotel Business web, it is essential to carry out certain online marketing strategies:
SEO: natural positioning.
SEM: Creating pay per click ad campaigns on Google social media restaurants

Community Manager for Hotels

We plan and execute marketing strategies based on high quality content (photography, videos, text, etc.) for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google My Business.

Computer Services

Computer services related to the maintenance and repair of computers and laptops, installation and configuration of networks and servers, installation and configuration of surveillance systems and personnel control.

publicidad y comunicación para hoteles

publicidad y comunicación para hoteles

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